Larry Fells

Division 16   President
Insurance Chair

Larry leads our Division.  He is anxious to hear from anyone with suggestions.  If you have questions about our program, or suggestions, contact us using the Contact Us page.

Susan Tipton and Claudine Zehnle


The minutes of our meetings are in Susan’s care.  From East Shasta County, she also attends our business meetings in Redding. Claudine is Executive Secretary to Div. 16 Officers.  Contact us using the Contact Us page.

Roger Pierce

1st Vice President

Roger is the able assistant to the President. He specializes in computer emails, arranging our meeting programs and places, and general all-around advisor to the rest of us. lndispensable.

Andy Zopolos

Financial Secretary/Treasurer

Andy takes over for long-time Treasurer Ernie Sandoval, and will keep the books for us, and let us know how we are doing financially.  Ernie is recovering from surgery. Contact us using the Contact Us page.

Cregg Zehnle and Mayrene Edmiaston

Area II Resources Services Co-Chairs
Division Resource Services

Mayrene brings inspiration to us about our life-quality, and with Cregg’s help arranges Division day-trips around the North State, for us to visit Museums, Libraries, Wineries, Theaters, including the Shakespeare Theater in Ashland, Oregon.

Pat Tucker


We buy-out the Riverfront Theater annually to raise money for student scholarships.  Pat has her fingers in the newsletter, directory, publicity, etc. and is a perfect image of the hard worker.  And a reminder that we need more helpers just like her. Talk to Pat.

Paula Kahler, Jane Nelson, Mary Doty,Vickie Reyes

Student Scholarships

Every year we raise and give $1,000 each to  2 or 3 Shasta College students who we hope will become teachers.  Also, one high school student who gets $500.  Paula and her team help us find those students, encourage them, and follow through with their careers, the Golden future of Calif.   Great work, ladies !!!

Don Yost

Publicity Chair

Retired Teachers are almost invisible, and Don and Lee are out to get us seen around Shasta County.  The newspaper, KIXE, and local Mall events where we can become known and recognized as part of this community, cultural events — his targets.  They all know Don and Lee when they call. Multi-tasker.

Ginny Zopolos

2nd Vice President

Ginny now takes care of her share of our Program.   She is always looking for good program ideas and presentations.  Call her with what you see of interest to retirees.

Ernie Sandoval

Health Care Information Chair

Ernie has followed the health care systems both locally and State for a long time. Ask Ernie any questions and he will tell you just how to get up-to-date information.   Contact us using the Contact Us page.

Donald E Goodykoontz

Area II Legislation Chair
Division Legislation Chair

Don is on the State Legislation Committee representing Area II.  If you are interested in the CalRTA Legislation activity, or ballot initiatives, or visiting our local Congressman, call Don.  A local legislative committee meets bi-monthly here in Redding.  At the next luncheon ask Don for details.

Kristi Betts, Area II Membership Chair, and Andy Zopolos

Div. Co-Chair

Kristi and Andy are enthusiastic about finding new members for Div #16.  If YOU want to join, or know of someone who will support us, let them know right away.  The local membership committee of 5 could also use some more help trying to reach into Trinity and Modoc Counties. There IS strength in numbers, AND when the load is shared we each don’t get so tired!! Contact us using the Contact Us page.

Marge Bland and Mary Abrott

Sunshine / Visitation

A card, a phone call, a visit to our friends who suffer illness = to show how we care for one another.  Call them if you know of a need.  psst. Marge is over 90!!

Jan Peugh, Pat Tucker

Newsletter Editors

Jan keeps us informed with our local CalRTA newsletter about everything we do or plan to do.  Jan and our newsletter are the life-flow of this Division.  It is published bi-monthly, and Jan or Pat are always looking for interesting articles, helpful information. and photos.  Contact them with anything you have.

Sally Curd

Member Directory – CONFIDENTIAL

Co-worker with several others who keep our programs going strong, Sally is another hard worker who just likes to see things get done, and done right. Retired more than 30 years so far, going strong. What an example to us all !!! Lend her a hand, if you can keep up with her.

Gerri Bramwell,Marilyn Hickle, Marc Shelby, Dolores Munsey, Betty Long, Barbara Read, Janet Farshon and Patt Burket

Local Classroom Mini-Grants

We reach out to local schools and teachers. Giving them a little extra money for classroom projects ….. we support students.  8 different schools are picked each year, for $100 each. Names are drawn out of the Dr. Seuss hat.  The teachers often stop by, at our lunch social, to say thanks for helping them and their students.  Had any really good up-lift lately? You should hear these teachers. It is truly inspiring.